Micellar cleansing water 30mL

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With 10 free prescriptions, you can remove makeup, sebum, and dirt from pores while caring for your skin.
Wiping type makeup remover. With a refreshing feel, it can be used as a substitute for a morning face wash.
It can also be used as a wipe-off lotion.
Contains moisturizing ingredients to keep you moisturized even after make-off.


■ Easy wipe type
A wipe-type cleansing that can quickly and easily remove makeup and dirt from pores.
■ As a substitute for face wash in the morning or as a wipe-off lotion
Contains moisturizing ingredients to reset without straining the skin.
■ 10 free prescriptions
Mineral oil, alcohol, UV absorbers, fragrances, colorants, oils, parabens, sulfates, silicon, animal-derived ingredients



Soak an appropriate amount (500 yen coin size) in cotton, apply it to dry skin and let it blend well with makeup, then wipe it off gently without rubbing. (There is no need to wash it off.)


Water, BG, (caprylic acid / capric acid) PEG-6 glyceriz, mannitol, EDTA-2Na, yuzu fruit extract, kiwi extract, cetrimonium bromide


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